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Want To Scale Your Business By 5x?

We’ve had the opportunity to help multiple gyms and PT Studio’s with getting a 5x on their revenue. We use 3 steps to scale businesses:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Retention

If you optimize these 3 points, you’ll notice that your business is ready for some serious growth.

We can help you with that! 

We Offer Long-Term Success

We show more broadly where you should look

Getting some leads in 3 months is fun, but what is your plan for the next 5 years? We can guide you personally with creating a long-term goal and a strategy to make sure that you accomplish your goals.

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The Benefits Of Working With FitAds

Research Goal

We start by researching your target audience, and your offer, this way we know what works and what doesn't so that we don't waste money on useless ads.

Target Audience

Once we've found the ideal combination between your target audience and your offer, we start running ads and getting results. Keep an eye on your inbox.

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New Clients

After finding out which ad performs best, we're ready to scale up! After consulting you, we'll start scaling up the ads and getting your first clients through the door.

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What Our Clients Say

It's incredible how it's possible to generate so many leads on a small budget. I've tried it myself so many times without success. Thank you to Josh and his team for helping me. You've tripled my business in 6 months. I can't wait to increase my budget and receive even more leads once I have more staff.
Gym Real Estate
Highly recommended! Beautiful website and fantastic results!
CEO - Elektraworks
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